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Procurement & Contracts Manager

£51,567 - £53,574 per annum

Reports to: Strategic Procurement and Corporate Contracts Manager

Directorate: Corporate Resources

Section: Procurement and Contract Management

DBS required: N/A

Main purpose of the job

Subject to the general management and guidance of the Procurement and Commercial Services Manager,  to provide a framework for procurement  and contract management activity by the Council and in particular directorate commissioners;  provide training, guidance and expert advice to directorate commissioners in its use;  to monitor such use, ensuring that all legal and Council requirements are complied with, including in relation to transparency; to develop the Council’s long term procurement strategy for consideration by the Commissioning and Procurement Board and to support the implementation of that strategy.

Management roles & expectations

  • To ensure successful delivery of Directorates procurement and contract management activity through the current decentralized model. To this end, to manage and maintain the corporate integrated on line procurement system and procedures for use by client directorates across the Council. To ensure that the team keep that system up to date and fit for purpose at all times to enable compliance with EU, UK, local regulation and Council regulation and achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

  • To provide written guidance, comprehensive training and expert consultancy advice to Directorate commissioners in all matters pertaining to procurement practice including the law, the use of the integrated on line system, options appraisals, tendering strategy and the development of selection and evaluation criteria.

  • To review tender documentation prior to publication to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and Council regulations, taking action to correct as necessary.

  • To monitor the procurement practice of Directorates by examination of their use of the integrated on line system to ensure that the Council’s procurement practice and contract management is at all times compliant with relevant legislation and Council regulations and to take action to redress if necessary.

  • To ensure that systems are in place so that the Council complies with all reporting arrangements required by transparency provisions in EU, UK or local regulation in relation to procurement activity and decisions.

  • To develop the Council’s procurement strategy for consideration by the Procurement and Commercial Services Manager and the Council’s Corporate Procurement Board, ensuring that all necessary research and information, including as required benchmarking, market developments, organisational needs and customer requirements are available to the Board to inform their decisions.

  • To update the knowledge base of strategic analysis of markets and supplier trends to ensure that procurement is based on best practice intelligence. To inform the Board by supporting the development and implementation of corporate strategies, frameworks and standards for procurement across the Council.

  • To take all necessary and appropriate steps to implement the Council’s procurement and contract management strategy.

  • To ensure that the Council’s procurement and contract management strategy and policy documents fully support the wider economic, social and equality objectives of the Council.

  • To oversee the day to day management of the procurement and contract management administrative function to ensure that supplier contacts, contracts, paper and on line records are maintained and kept up to date.

  • To keep abreast of new initiatives, legislation and research in connection with procurement and contract management and to disseminate across the Council as appropriate.

  • To manage the Council’s central procurement and contract management arrangements to ensure efficiency gains for the Council.

  • To support and manage procurement and contract management officers and apprentices so that:-

    • the team provides professional advice across the Council. 

    • staff are appropriately trained to deliver the procurement and contract management strategy and any related projects

    • the performance of the reporting is managed appropriately and constantly improved

    • projects are delivered on time and to budget

  • Promote the Council’s procurement and contract management strategy with senior managers and stakeholders including:

    • Managing key stakeholder relationships

    • Representing the Council on relevant bodies as necessary

    • Liaison with other local authorities to share best practice

    • Providing commercial input and monitoring the quality of Council projects with regard to the procurement strategy

    • Working in conjunction with public and private sector partners to ensure opportunities for partnership working are maximised.

  • Attend Council meetings as required, advise the Mayor and members, directorate management teams and executive management team if required.

  • Undertake any other duties within the scope of the post as directed by the Procurement and Commercial Services Manager, and to work flexibly within the Procurement and Commercial Services team, offering support to other members of the team within their work areas as required.  To undertake such other duties commensurate with the grade as may be required from time to time.

  • To support from time to time for the Procurement and Commercial Services Manager as required.

All employees are required to

All employees are required to:

  • Participate in the appraisal and objective setting process and to undertake appropriate training and development identified to enhance their work.

  • Carry out the duties of the post with due regard to the Council’s Dignity at Work Policy and core values.

  • All employees are required to comply with the Council's Health & Safety policies and procedures at all times, taking due care for themselves, colleagues and members of the public.

  • Assist in carrying out the Council's environmental policy within the day to day activities of the post.

  • Undertake other duties, commensurate with the grade, as may reasonably be required.

  • Treat all information acquired through employment, both formally and informally, in strict confidence.


Internal Contacts: These include Officers at all levels within the Council and members.

External Contacts: This will include Tenderers, supply chain contractors, partner organisations.

Person specification

Equal Opportunities

  • Commitment to implement the Council’s Equal Opportunities policies.

  • Awareness of Equal Opportunities issues. 


  • Extensive knowledge of procurement law as it affects local authorities

  • In depth Knowledge of the best value framework       

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the practical implications of the current legislative framework relating to local authority procurement  

  • Knowledge of the principles of administrative law affecting local authorities

  • Knowledge of project management methodology and processes


  • Ability to exercise effective leadership as Procurement and Contract Management Manager

  • Ability to inspire confidence in others

  • Ability to influence effectively

  • Ability to lead by example and inspire and motivate others

  • Ability to project a professional image of the Council and its services in dealings with senior officers, members and external organisations


  • Excellent written and oral skills

  • Excellent presentation skills

  • Staff leadership skills

  • Excellent Interpersonal skills

  • Good ICT skills



  • Substantial experience of operating procurement practices and procedures

  • Substantial experience of operating contract management practice and procedures

  • Experience of working at a senior level in a large corporate complex environment 

  • Evidence of planning and prioritising workload and deployment of resources to ensure the achievement of key objectives and adherence to agreed deadlines and timetables

  • Demonstrable experience of managing change

  • Significant experience of developing creative, innovative solutions to problems

  • Experience of Managing staff

  • Experience of building and maintaining effective working relationships with senior officers/colleagues 

  • Experience of thinking analytically and presenting findings, implications and solutions succinctly and clearly

  • Experience of successful project management

General Education

  • An appropriate qualification or appropriate significant experience.  

  • Excellent levels of literacy and numeracy

Personal Qualities

  • Flexible approach

  • Commitment to learn and desire to acquire new knowledge, skills and approaches

  • Circumstances

  • Willingness and ability to attend meetings in the evening if necessary


  • Generally candidates must meet the standard Lewisham requirements for the post 

  • If you are a disabled person, but are unable to meet some of the job requirements specifically because of your disability, please address this in your application.  If you meet all the other criteria you will be shortlisted and we will explore jointly with you if there are ways in which the job can be changed to enable you to meet requirements.