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Payroll Manager

£48,576 - £50,559 per annum

Reports to: Head of Payroll and Pensions

Directorate: Corporate Resources

Division: Finance

Team: Payroll

Designation: Payroll Administration

Main purpose of the job

  • To be the Council's expert on payroll, demonstrating a specialist knowledge in a complex area

  • Be responsible for the accuracy and timely input of data and processing the payrolls to ensure the payment of over 6,500 salaries each month and 8,000 pensions. The consequences of this not being discharged properly is an enormous risk to the Council both in terms of employee relations and in risks of court challenges where overpayments have occurred and recovery is sought.

  • Be responsible for ensuring that processes are in place to minimise the number of potential errors and, where necessary, ensuring that corrective action is implemented immediately to mitigate loss and risk to the Council.

  • To manage the payroll Administration Team to ensure an effective service is provided.

  • To manage the payroll accountancy function.

  • Maintain a working knowledge of the Council's employment policies and procedures advising own staff and Council managers as appropriate.

  • To lead and motivate the team to ensure that a professional, high quality and responsive payroll service is in place, which demonstrates accountability, performance, continuous improvement and value for money.

  • As the Council's payroll expert, provide advice to senior management, service users, partners and external agencies ensuring the Council does not incur financial penalties for mal-administration, late notification and payment.

  • To make or recommend suggestions that contribute towards policy decisions that affect these teams by understanding the legislation, financial regulations and guidelines that must be adhered to ensure accurate service delivery to service users.

  • Take a strategic role in the provision of services and build effective relationships with schools, partner organisations, directorates and agencies in the delivery of integrated services.

  • Along with the Group Manager ensure robust contingency plans are in place in the event of IT failure or the building being inaccessible.

  • Manage overpayment process, including the receiving and security of cheques

Summary of responsibilities and personal duties



As the Council's payroll expert:

  • Interpret complex legislation, guidelines and statutory regulations to ensure payments made to employees meet the requirements of the HMRC and other regulatory bodies.

  • Make sure all returns are processed, calculated and paid so that the Council does not incur financial penalties.

  • Ensure effective systems are in place to accurately calculate the salary and pension payments each month. Monitor errors and take immediate corrective action to control the Council's payroll bill per annum.

  • Ensure rigorous audit processes are in place and manage external and internal audits of the teams

  • Undertake complex casework as required, for example preparing data for legal for tribunals attend court as a witness if required.

  • Participate in Council working groups and projects as required.

  • Attend tribunal hearings and appeals as required,

  • Develop, implement, monitor and review initiatives within the scope of the post in line with financial regulations and guidelines.

  • Promote sound financial management and control and ensure that appropriate payroll and admin support systems and processes are in place in order to: a) Provide accurate, timely and readily understood information to Councillors, Senior managers, staff, cost centre managers, partners and schools. b) Contribute to the annual savings exercise to ensure all savings are achievable and realistic, ensuring saving targets are met and the timetable is adhered to. c) Produce reports about the financial implications of all matters reported to the Executive and other council meetings.

  • Be aware of, and maintain, an up to date knowledge of developments in the field of payroll and related legislation and use such knowledge to review and introduce changes to payroll practice.

  • Participate in consultation meetings with partners, external agencies and senior management.

  • Undertake training and constructively take part in meetings, supervision, seminars and other events designed to improve communication and assist with effective development of the post.

  • Monitor the quality of service delivered by other finance functions operating within jointly provided services.

  • Participate in the production of business plans and monitoring arrangements.

  • Be proactive in the maximisation of external funding and be responsible for the co-ordination, monitoring and completion of SLA's and other required returns to external agencies.

  • Ensure that the Council collects the income owed to it on a regular basis from partners and debtors.

  • Promote the best use of resources, and provide input into Best Value reviews and the efficiency agenda.

  • Lead on contractual negotiations for payroll services to ensure the council is receiving value for money.

  • Lead and take responsibility for the financial aspects of implementing new services or new technology with a regard to legislation.

  • Develop, implement and review recharging and internal charging policies to ensure that all support costs are accurately directed to service users.

  • Set up and review systems; protocols and policies for payroll systems.

  • Manage conflict and deal with complex complaints at management level. Where necessary, negotiate settlements to recover payments and influence outcomes.


Staff Management

  • Ensure the effective management of the payroll team within the finance function and take action as appropriate in accordance with Council employment procedures e.g. disciplinary, capability etc.

  • Manage, train and deploy staff as required, within the context of changing circumstances, and take responsibility for staff management.

  • Ensure effective regular supervision and appraisals' (PES) take place. Set and review targets, monitor individual performance, provide guidance and direction and take appropriate action to ensure the effective performance of the staff.

General Management

  • Deputise for a Group Manager in own area of work, including attending strategic Groups, as may be required.

  • Contribute to the team’s service plan, SLA's, service statements, training plans and budget monitoring and take responsibility for their implementation.

  • Achieve agreed service outcomes and outputs for the payroll service.

  • Champion the use of information technology and ensure that staff use it to carry out duties in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • Be responsible for ensuring that duties are undertaken with due regard and compliance with the Data Protection Act, GDPR and other legislation.

  • Carry out duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Council's Health and Safety policy and relevant health and safety legislation.

  • Carry out all responsibilities/duties within the framework of the Council's equal opportunities policy and demonstrate commitment to the Council's core values of One Council, Customer Focus and Performance Management and demonstrate this commitment in the way s/he carry out his/her duties.

  • Undertake other duties that may be required in line with specific requirements commensurate with the grade of the post.


Other Responsibilities

  • To carry out the duties of the post with due regard to the Council's Equal Opportunities Policy and core values.

  • All employees are required to participate in the Performance Evaluation Scheme (PES) and to undertake appropriate training and development identified to enhance their work.

  • All employees are required to comply with the Council's Health & Safety policies and procedures at all times, taking due care for themselves, colleagues and members of the public.

  • Assist in carrying out the Council's environmental policy within the day to day activities of the post. Undertake other duties, commensurate with the grade, as may reasonably be required

  • Consideration will be given to restructuring the duties of this post for a disabled postholder

Internal Contacts: Councillors, senior management, HR, Legal, Pensions, Rent Accounts, Systems team, Audit, Cashiers, Trade Unions and all staff.


External Contacts: Schools, HMRC, DWP, Teachers Pensions, London Pensions Fund Authority, NHS, outsourced payroll providers, Courts, HSA, Nursery Vouchers, Crown Savers, Pay Give and, payroll partners.

Person specification

Equal Opportunities

  • Commitment to implement the Council's Equal Opportunities policies

  • Awareness of Equal Opportunities issues


  • In depth knowledge of relevant HMRC and payroll legislation, guidance and service conditions

  • Detailed working knowledge of data protection, GDPR, Freedom of Information and financial regulations

  • Detailed knowledge of employment legislation.

  • A working knowledge of accountancy

  • Detailed knowledge of payroll IT

  • Detailed knowledge of payroll IT related calculations

  • Knowledge of managing and monitoring a Service Level Agreement


  • Of interpreting and applying complex legislation, regulations and terms and conditions

  • Of managing a team, of forward planning, prioritising workload and working to deadlines

  • Of managing and monitoring an allocated budget for service provision

  • Of identifying and implementing budget savings

  • Of managing, processing and reconciling a large monthly payroll budget

  • Of negotiating Service Level Agreements and Service Planning

  • Of working in a highly pressurised environment

  • Of producing and presenting complex information

  • Of working in a customer focused environment and dealing with complex complaints.


  • Ability to interpret complex legislation and regulations

  • Ability to problem solve and find solutions within regulations

  • Ability to deal with a wide range of people

  • Ability to deal with and resolve conflict

  • Ability to deal with a highly pressurised work environment and manage deadlines

  • Personal Qualities Calm and professional Flexible and adaptable



  • Excellent IT skills

  • Excellent organisational skills